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UK Health Services


Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.


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National Health Services (NHS)   

The UKs National Health Service is called the NHS. Medical services are offered by the Government through GPs (General Practitioners) and hospitals, treatment is free for all GP registered legal visa holders(work permits or students more than 6 months course) , Outpatients may need to buy their medicines depending on their treatment, for pregnant women and children most of the medicines are free, for Visitors and others the cost of your treatment depends on the nature of your treatment and the length of your course, it is usually very expressive

Free NHS treatment is available for anyone:
Needing compulsory psychiatric treatment.
With certain communicable diseases.
In an accident or emergency (but not follow-up treatment).

There are many private Hospitals,Opticians and in UK but these are all very expensive

GP Registration

General practitioners (GPs), provide an essential medical service for all registered people. They are the first people to call when any one have a health problem. They provide many services, such as:
General health advice and treatment
Contraception and maternity services
In order to use free NHS services you must register with one GP (General Practitioner)
Everyone has the right to be registered with a GP. In most cases, it is only possible to register with a GP near to where you live
First find out GP near to your home, to find a doctor in the area where you live you can check
Call the GP surgery to make an appointment to register

Ask the surgery(GP) what documents you need to bring with you(usually Passport or residential proof, some GPs may not ask any thing)
They may take some routine tests and investigations and send you the Medical card to your home by post
(A doctor may refuse to register you, if for example his or her list is full.
If you have tried to register at four GPs and have been refused by them all, contact Local NHS Hospital they will find out GP for you)

Changing your GP:
Changing your registration to new GP is similar to registering.

Important Points

In UK you cannot buy medicines without UK Doctor prescription (Except Paracetamole, Ibruffen and some other medicines like Vitamins)
You cannot buy medicines with foreign prescriptions.
You cannot get any free NHS treatment before GP Registration.
Usually medicines costs are fixed (Ex. £ 6-30 per item irrespective of medicine whether it is simple paracetamole or expensive anti cancerous)

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