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UK Phone Calling Cards


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-- James Thurber

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International Calling Cards

Calling card is a kind of pre paid phone card with a pin number to make cheaper and long distance phone calls or you can say a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone call

It is too expensive to make international call directly from your land line phone or mobile, it is always better to use calling cards.

Using International Calling Card

  • First, buy a calling card

  • Read instructions carefully on the back of the card.

  • Scratch the card for PIN Number.

  • Dial the given phone number on the card, free number starts with "0800" in UK but it uses card money for local connection, if you are calling from a mobile phone that has some free minutes then its better to use paid number that does not start with "0800".

  • When it asks for PIN number, enter your card PIN number by using telephone keys.

  • Now it tells you how much money you have on the card and asks you to dial your number.

  • Dial your international destination phone number(00 + country + city code + phone) without stopping the current connection.

  • Now, it usually tells you how many minute you have got for that call,

  • After finishing the call, if you want to make more calls before you hang up, press given numbers or symbols (e.g. "###" triple harsh)at the end of your call and enter the next number you want to call. you can continue your calls until your card balance is finished.

  • For special instructions see the instructions on the card.

What card?

Loads of calling cards are coming in to the market everyday, it is very difficult to find out right calling card, visit this site frequently for the details of best available card in the market.

International calling providers phone numbers:

You can use following phone numbers to make cheaper international phone calls without using a calling card.
Please note: sometimes, the following phone numbers may charge you heavily, please check them your self before using them.
08701441234 (apparently this number is charging now)
08707940000 to USA for week days(Validity is not checked)

Search here for Cheap Calling Cards over the web
Some recommended phone cards:
Please be noted that the following cards may not be the best cards available in the market, if you find any better international card, please email me on general email so that I can publish it here. please note: I don't publish if you send any SPAM messages.
Some Popular Calling Cards to India
You get extra £4.00 free calls
Actual Value : £ 5
Card Access No : 0800 012 0019, 0207 132 0205, 0845 270 5524
Card Customer Service : 0207 101 2250
Happy Tel Card Happy Tel Card
Actual Value : £ 5
Card Access No : 0800 012 0019 / 0800 012 0017 , 0845 270 5506 / 0845 270 5524 , 0207 132 0206 / 0207 784 8000
Card Customer Service : 02071012250 / 02071793622
Matrix Card
You get extra £3 free calls
Actual Value : £ 5
Card Access No : 0800 012 0019, 0207 132 0205, 0845 042 1605
Card Customer Service : 0207 101 2250 is not responsible for the validity of the cards and phone numbers mentioned on this page.

Online calling cards resources:


Please do not purchase calling cards using improper numbers. These services may be terminated at any time leading to financial loss.
The pre-paid calling card industry is highly competitive. Beware of very low rates. They may indicate some hidden surcharges and/or poor customer service.
Check the expiry dates. Cards may expire within a prescribed period of time.
Be sure the card comes with instructions that you understand.
Look for a customer service number. If the number is not displayed, it may be difficult to contact the company if you have any problem with the card.
Call customer service number for pay back if loose any minutes without proper phone call .

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