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UK transport

The only way to be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before it.
--G. K. Chesterton

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Air travel
There are four major airports near London: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted. Other major international airports are located at Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham and Aberdeen.
There are many web sites that provide online time and Ticket information.
train and London Underground
Cities in the UK are connected by a fast and efficient railway network and by frequent coach services. Various travel passes are available, providing unlimited travel over specified periods and distances
There are many web sites that provide online time and Ticket information.

London Under Ground:
London underground is the best way of travel inside the london, it covers almost all places in london
See London Tube map

What is Oyster Card?
Instead of a paper ticket it is now cheaper and more convenient to use an electronic ticket called an Oyster card. You can get one by completing a form and paying a small charge of £3.

London Underground travel Plan

For more and current information see London

Car travel
Car travel depends on where you live, it is best when you live out side of main cities,
and You need to have valid Driving License see for more details
Car travel Expenses Average Cost
Used car (small) £1500 to £5000
Used Cars £6000 to £20000
Road tax £110 to £165 per annum
Insurance £343 to £880 per annum
Breakdown cover £40 to £50 per annum
Petrol avg 7 pens per mile 90 pens per liter

Driving License: If you you want to drive in UK, must obtain a Driving Licence within one year of your arrival in GB. Failure to do so may make your motor insurance invalid and it is a crime more...
Other way of transport
You can also use buses and trams and Boat transport
See for national buses.

London local buses:
There is a local bus service inside London but is very slow, It is ideal when your destination is very close.
All London under ground travel cards are valid in London buses.
For more information see
Ticket Fares
Oyster Single
Cash Single
Any journey £0.90 £2.00
Bus Passes:
Per Day £3 Free
If you want to use a bicycle while you are in the UK, you don't need a driving licence to ride a bicycle but you need to take certain precautions and follow certain rules, I strongly advice you to take some basic course about using bicycles in UK, ask your local Police for details.

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