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kiran programs Here you will find some projects information that I developed in my professional career and Freeware I developed in my leisure time.

A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.
--Scott Allen


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Developed part of a team

CPRT Front-to-Back application standardizes and consolidates trades, risk and PnL data. Provides feeds to sub-ledgers, reporting systems, ledgers, settlement systems and regulatory system. Validates and reconciles the data and reports the breaks to the stake holders. Developed on Python, Oracle and C#.NET.

Granite Unified, cross-asset platform and logical data repository for pricing, analytics, trade capture, lifecycle management, position management, risk / P&L calculations and facilitation of streamlined downstream activities. Developed on Python, Oracle and C#.NET.

FinMan is a sub-ledger system process millions of trades and provides PnL and accounting, developed on Oracle and C#.NET.

Galaxy is a web based business intelligence & reporting system developed on Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Oracle technologies.

MIB (Metadata Information Broker) an integrated information broker system developed on C#.NET, Web services and Oracle technologies.

Others Hospital Information System, Diagnostics Application, Pharmaceutical Industry Management System.

Developed alone 

eBase  an Online Broadcast Reporting System, solely developed and implemented by me. It addresses most of the reporting functions of the Integrated Broadcasting System.

X-Port Broadcast Interfacing System, solely developed and implemented by me, It is developed for adapting to fast changing broadcast interfaces.

Reviewer is a salary review system solely developed and implemented by me. It vastly simplifies and automates the work of salary review managers and HR department.

Candidate Database is a Candidate Tracking System solely developed and implemented by me, which maintains details of candidates interviewed.

VAP(Volunteers and Players) System Volunteers Information System was developed for storing Fox Kids International Football Cup volunteers and players information; All the sensitive data e.g. background checks were encrypted and stored securely.

Others Incident Tracking System and ADB Reporting System.
Personal & Freeware
Kiran's Typing Tutor a Typing program that lets you to learn Touch Typing and improve typing skills and speed.

Kiran's SQL Editor helps you quickly and efficiently develop, test, and reuse SQL queries for most of the standard databases.

Kiran's Task Scheduler
helps you to add and manage your tasks schedules to manage most of common tasks.

Others Kiran's Source Releaser, Kiran's Db Source Compiler, Kiran's Log Reader, Kiran's Jumble Number Game etc.

Articles and Knowledge base

Knowledgebase: where you can find tutorials, source codes and study resources

My Blog: where I post my articles, thoughts and ideas.
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Source forge - Open source software projects
Code guru - Source codes and tutorials
C# Corner - C# resources

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