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UK Cost of Living


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Types of Accommodations and costs    

Cost of Living in the UK depends on each individual's situation.
But you can minimize your expenses by sharing house, using effective public transport and by finding cheaper places to live

Average Expenses in London: (Usually it is cheaper in other places)
Accommodation Expenses : £250 to £700 per month per person see Accommodation for details
Travel Expenses: £120 to £300 per month per person see Travel for details
Groceries, Food And Drinks: £50 to £ £200 per month per person see Food for Details
Miscellaneous £150 to £350 per month per person  
Total £570 to £ 1450 per month  


Reducing Costs

You can minimize your expenses greatly by applying below methods.
Find out for a cheaper places (e.g. East Ham in London for asian students).
Share your accommodation or house.
Use effective public transport (e.g. Buses if your working place is near to you).
Buy goods from cheap super markets (e.g. LIDL , ASDA and Tesco).
Quit smoking, if you cannot quit get cigarettes from your native country if possible.
Do not buy any thing on installments.
Be ware of hidden costs when your signing any contract.
if you want to buy any thing, first search for deals.

Prices of some common things

Other Prices: Cost in £
Coffee 300gms £3 to £7
Sugar 1 Kg £1 to £3
Milk 2.27 liters £1 to £1.50
Tortilla (like Chapattis) 8 pack £1 to £1.50
Pita Bread 6 pack £0.50 to £1
Bread £0.50 to £2.50
Vegetable Oil 1 Liters £1.00 to £3.00
Yogurt (Like Curd) 500 gms £1 to £2
Chicken 1 Kg £1 to £4
Rice Bag 20 kgs (Basmathi) £20 to £60
Tamarind 1 kg £1 to £3
Pulses and Grams (Ex. Bengal Grams) 2kg £4 to £6
Onions 5 Kg £1.50 to £3.00
Coriander 1 pack 0.50 to £1.50
Tomatoes 1 Kg £0.70 to £2.50
Potato's 1 kg £0.50 to £1
Chilies 1kg £2 to £5
Other Vegetables 1 Kg £1.50 to £5
Cot with Bed (avg) £40 to £150
Quilt (avg) £15 to £30
Bed Sheets (avg) £10 to £20
Slippers (avg) £2 to £15
Jeans (avg) £10 to £60
Trousers (avg) £15 to £100
T-Shirts (avg) £10 to £60
Shirts (avg) £20 to £100
Under Wares (5 pack) (avg) £5 to £20
Desk Top Computers Avg Spec £400 to £800
LapTops Avg Spec £300 to £1000
Digital Cameras (3 million Pixels) £100 to £250
Mobile Phone (Avg) (with line rental £15 monthly you get free mobile) £40 to £200
Wrist Watch £20 to £100
Books (Computer or Medical) Avg £30 to £150
Bottle of wine £5 to £10
Beer (500 ML) £0.80 to £2
Whisky 1 liter £10 to £30

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