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UK DVD Rentals


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UK DVD Rentals  

Entertainment is important part of life no matter where you are and what you do, There are so many Video Cassette and DVD rental shops and online rental resources in UK.

In UK, cassettes and DVDs are available in public libraries, shops and online rentals and available in different languages

This is the cheapest resource of all, you can get all language movie cassettes and DVDs. The available languages are depends on local community; for example, in New Ham Library in east London you may have Indian language movies like Tamil, Hindi and Gujarati movies along with normal English movies, In south Hall Library you may get Punjabi movie cassettes and DVDs. To get cassettes from library, you need to take a membership in the library; member ship is usually free, normally one member can take up to three cassettes.
Cost: £1-00 to £2-00 per DVD per week.

DVD rentals are available in various kinds for shops ranging from small local stores to big multinational shops. In most of the shops you may find Hollywood and Bollywood movies but for other language movies you may need check in local cassette rental shops example in Shakthi Stores East Ham in east London you can get Telugu and Tamil DVDs.

Costs vary from shop to shop
in Block Buster (one of biggest DVD rental shops) costs £3-00 to to £5-00 per tow nights this is bit higher than the cost in local stores.
in Local Stores (e.g. Shakthi Stores) for Indian DVDs costs £1-00 to £2-00 per week.
In library £1-00 to £2-00 per cassette/DVD per week.

On line Rentals:
There are many commercial web sites including Block buster are providing online DVD rentals.

Resources buying DVDs

There are many small and big shops to buy movie DVDs in UK .
Block Buster

Free Online Movies

(Don't encourage piracy; watch movies on screen or buy a legitimate DVDs)

Local Stores:
Local stores are the cheapest option to buy Bollywood and Tollywood movies, you can find many shops in London for Bollywood and Tollywood movies; especially in places like Southall, Hounslow, Upton Park and Eastham where majority of Indian community live.

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