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  About me

here you can find my personal info, my photos , my articles and programs info that I have written and my research interests.


here you can find some of the freeware I developed, like Kiran's Typing tutor, Kiran's SQL Editor, Kiran's Source Releaser and Kiran's Task Scheduler etc.


here you can find some support for above products, help documents and frequently asked questions.


here you can find my contact information, email info and guestbook.

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Knowledge base

here you can find my blog, knowledge base , source codes, tutorials and forums.  


here you can find sitemap, my favourite links, history and all Pages.


here you can find some other info like , site calendar and you can also find news, blog, free web sites, free software development and subscribe news.

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Home Pages

Pranav mistry One of the best designed websites. Pranav Mistry's personal website. His vision, projects, work, photographs, research interests and all are there at .

Worldending Very nicely built personal flash website. It is a Weeby awards nominee in personal websites category 2008.

Bill Gates Homepage This is homepage of William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation.

Software Sites

Microsoft Homepage visit this site for new updates new Microsoft technologies.

MSDN Homepage visit this site for Microsoft knowledge base and help.

Oracle Homepage visit this site for Oracle help forums and new updates.

Sun Micro Systems Homepage visit this site for Java help.

Macromedia Homepage visit this site for Flash updates and help.

Borland Homepage visit this site for C+ help new updates in delphi.

Install shield Homepage visit this site for new updates in installation updates.

Other General Sites

Yahoo Homepage My personal mail site.

Amazon Homepage My normal internet shopping site.

Googel Home page I usually use it for search even though my site not ranked well in google;


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Site Links
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