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My Research interests

The following are just my research interests. I'm not doing any research at the moment but I like to do research in the following and related fields if I get an opportunity.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
--Dr. Carl Sagan


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Medical Artificial Intelligence(MAI)

I'm always interested in the field of Medical Artificial Intelligence(MAI) and constantly gaining knowledge in MAI.

Main field of interest in MAI:
Developing Reliable Clinical Diagnosis Support System.

My article on Clinical Diagnosis Support Systems

My eligibility:
Masters in Computer Science
Over 13 years of experience in software development.
Bachelors in Medical Sciences.
Bachelors in Science.

Clinical diagnosis support software systems help clinicians in diagnosing clinical cases. Most of the clinicians are still relying on manual clinical diagnosis process. A manual clinical diagnosis is a very complex, cumbersome and error prone process; even very experienced doctors sometimes fail to diagnose a clinical condition correctly at an early stage.

There are wide varieties of clinical diagnosis support software systems available in the market and they use different algorithms and techniques to diagnose patient’s clinical condition, which cover various domains of medicine, and also provide wide range of diagnostic functionality. However, they could not make big impact on healthcare or clinicians.

There are various reasons for the failure of these systems. Firstly, they are not mature enough to use as life critical systems, secondly analysts and developers haven’t deeply understood the medicine and the clinical diagnosis process, and finally doctors do not have faith in the current systems which can actually mimic human reasoning. I want to study the existing systems very closely and find a better way of developing these systems.

Einstein quote of the day
Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.
Other Resources
Link: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis

Book: Selected Topics in Medical Artificial Intelligence by P.L. Miller (Author)

Journal: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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