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WAY? is a free Android app that helps you to find contact’s current location.

Install it and add your contacts (Your contacts also need to install the app). Select the contact and click "WHERE ARE YOU?" button and within a few seconds the contact’s location will be displayed on Google map. Note: WAY? uses SMS messages for the communication.

Request contact's location
Push your location to contact without request
View your location and contact's location on the same Goggle map.
Add, disable and delete contacts.
Auto and manual response options are available at both app and contact level
Auto and manual view option
Add contacts from your address book
Select avatar for your contact (The Avatar will be shown on Google map)
Logs all requests and responses
Notifications option.
Disable responses and disable contact options.
App tries for fine location first using GPS if that is not available, it gets coarse location using other location providers if that is not available then app returns last find location.
Provides various security and privacy settings.
There is no background running service so it is efficient and doesn't not waste your battery.
Download it from Google Play

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